About Us

Zeelamo Academy is a nonprofit organization that provides free online services to promote science, technologies and arts amongst underprivileged communities.


Collaborate to achieve your aspirations

We are a group of academics, entrepreneurs, and scientists who work together to promote the status of science, technology, and education in the underprivileged regions. 


We Are Committed to helping our partners overcome any challenge and attain spectacular results.


Zeelamo provides a social interactive platform for its users who can participate in different activities and upload different types of contents. Although we do our best to control the contents and prevent posting inappropriate material, it will remain the users’ responsibility for whatever they post or upload on Zeelamo. We utilize the world’s top standard mechanisms to provide a safe and highly secured environment.


We are committed to build a unique platform for students, professors, scientists, entrepreneurs, and professionals to share their knowledge and establish collaborations. To this aim we have developed Zeelamo, which provides services such as video conferencing, seminars, online learning, group activities, and building one to one mentor-mentee relationships in our research labs.

Values we live by



We collaborate with Universities and institutions to exchange world-class knowledge via student exchange, sabbaticals, scientific events, research labs, and other programs.


Passion for results

Following our strategic plan, we utilize wolrd-class methods and provide high quality educational services to promotes science, technology and arts in Kurdistan.


Constantly improving

Since starting Zeelamo Academy, we have continuously improved the quality of our services and introduced new features at different milestones. Check our Roadmap for more details.

Our team of experts

With years of proven experience, our team is prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

our consultants

A team of experienced lecturers, researchers, and entrepreneurs from world's top ranked universities and companies.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is committed to meeting the deadlines and delivering our services with the highest quality.

Our Team


Co-founder of Zeelamo academy and currently is leading the leadership team of Zeelamo academy. 

VP-Programs Manager

Co-founder of Zeelamo academy and is currently leading the programs teams.  

VP-Legal & HR

Legal advisor of Zeelamo Academy and also leading the human resources team. 


Leading the Zeelamo’s finance team.

Development Manager
Communications Manager
Research Manager
Scientific News - Multimedia

Mohammad Mahmoud

Marketing Manager


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