Zeelamo Features

The Zeelamo Platform is packed with innovative features

Platform Features

Platform Features

Member Profiles

Everything in a community website revolves around its members. Zeelamo platform provides fully editable profile fields that allow members to share details about themselves.


Profile Permissions & Rules

Different roles will be assigned to Zeelamo members based on their editable member types. Zeelamo members will be given different access levels to features and services based on their membership types. 

Social Groups

The Zeelamo Platform allows members to organize themselves into public, private or hidden social areas with separate activity feeds and member listing.


Group Type

Every community is unique. Create public, private or hidden groups and set different rules and settings depending on your group type. Some group types require higher membership levels.  


Group Organizers, Moderators

Create organizers or moderators within a group to control who can edit the group, post activity, or invite users.


Group Invites

Allow all group members, organizers, and/or moderators to invite other users to the group.


Group Activity

Allow all group members, organizers, and/or moderators to post into the group activity feed.

Research Lab

Conduct Research with scientists and professors from world’s top ranked universities and institutions.


Zellamo’s Seminars are held by Kurdish experts about various scientific fields

Discussion Forums

Create a discussion forum to allow members of a group to communicate in a structured, bulletin-board style fashion.


Group Forums

Each group can create its own discussion forum. Several groups can optionally be attached to the same discussion forum.


Smart Embeds

Allows users to automatically embed YouTube videos, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram photos directly into topics and replies.

Zeelamo Resume

Members can use the built-in Resume maker in order to create their Resumes light and easy and submit them for any jobs on Zeelamo.


Resume Submission

The resume submission form collects the candidates name and contact information, websites, education and employment.

The candidate can add as many items of education and experience as they want, including notes, name, dates and position/qualifications.


Resume Display

Single resumes show all the collected data and also show a “contact” button which employers can click to view the email address to contact the candidate.

You can restrict who can view resumes and contact data user WordPress user capabilities.


Apply to jobs with resumes

Jobs which have an email address for the application method can be applied to through resumes. A form will be displayed prompting the user to choose a resume on file and input their message which will then be emailed to the employer. The employer will also get a private link to view the online resume on-site.

Logged out users, and users with no submitted resumes, can be prompted to submit one and apply to the job after the resume is submitted.

Zeelamo Jobs

Advertise your open positions, or apply for jobs via Zeelamo’s comprehensive job search mechanism.


Filterable Job Listings

your jobs in list format, proceeded by a search and filter form. Filter by category, job type, keywords and location.

Job seekers can subscribe to a feed containing new jobs matching their search.

Job Submission

Allow members to list jobs on Zeelamo. The forms allow employers to input job details, including job description and location, and also add details about their company.

Each listing can be assigned an email address or a website which job seekers can use to apply for the job.

Employers can preview their listing before it goes live. The preview matches the appearance of a live job listing. After preview, the employer can submit the listing (for approval) or edit it further

Zoom Integration

Transform traditional face-to-face meetings into meaningful virtual experiences. Sell and deliver online content, live training, and meetings using the Zoom integration for Zeelamo platform. Create and host Zoom meetings within social groups, view upcoming meetings, past meetings, watch recordings, and more.


Schedule Live Classes within Social Groups

Create one-time and/or recurring online class sessions and Zoom meetings for a specific audience based on the group they belong to.

Students receive real-time site notifications of upcoming classes and meetings and allow them to view details with just one click.


Enhance Students’ Learning Experience

Deliver quality learning experiences ideal for online coaching, tutoring, and teaching online courses. Increase student participation and engagement with live chat, screen sharing, polling, virtual whiteboard, breakout rooms, and more.


Manage Virtual Classes Efficiently

No more swapping back and forth between apps. The integration’s simplicity extends to setup and management. Creating and rescheduling online classes automatically syncs details across Zeelamo pages and course content where meeting details are published.


Turn Past Meetings into a Resource Library

Share multiple resources from past Zoom meetings including video recordings, audio recordings, transcripts, and chat files depending on your configured Zoom meeting settings and Zeelamo access level.

Member Connections

Allow members to make connections with one another and focus on those they care about most.


Private Messaging

Zeelamo allows members to send private message. Messages can be sent to one member or a group of members.

User Invites

Zeelamo members can send email invitations for non-members to join their network.

Activity Feeds

Global, personal, and group activity feeds with threaded commenting, direct posting, @mentions, #hashtags, and email notification support.


Global, personal, and group feeds

Turn your groups into a two-way “Wall” for a more interactive experience. Let your members write on each other’s Walls and “Like” each other’s posts.



Members can @mention other registered Zeelamo members on the site. The mentioned user will receive a notification of the post.


Email Notifications

Edit and create email notifications just like posts and pages. The Zeelamo platform features a customizable emails preferences.


Push Notifications*

On both Zeelamo mobile app and website, members can receive notifications for different activities. 


Building a course is super easy on Zeelamo platform. We use the well-known LearnDash course builder which is used by many online learning services in the world.


Automated Notifications

Automatically trigger e-mails based on actions learners take (or don’t take) in a course.


Discussion Forums

Encourage conversation among learners by adding a course specific discussion forums.



Award and display the learners who obtain the best scores on quizzes in your courses.


Badges & Certificates

Award official certificates based on quiz performance, completing a course, or both!


Course Points

Award points to learners as they complete lessons and allow learners to unlock new content.



Require assignment submissions before learners can continue to the next lessons.


Kurdish teachers and experts conduct workshops to teach in various fields.


Notify members of relevant activity with a toolbar bubble and/or via email and allow them to customize their notification settings. Zeelamo mobile app users also receive the push notifications on their phones.

Albums & Media

Members can upload photos and videos, organize them into albums, and tag their friends!

Allow members to search the entire Zeelamo network, along with custom post types of your choice, all in one unified search bar.

Private Community

While it’s possible to make their profiles and activities publicly visible to all visitors, Zeelamo members can enjoy variety of services in our private and safe environment. 


Although Zeelamo Platform displays in U.S. English by default, we work hard to add a built-in capability to use other languages starting with Kurdish Sorani.