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Dr Pshtiwan Shakor has received his Bachelor Degree in Building and Construction Engineering from UoS (KRG-Iraq), Master Degree from UoP (India), and PhD Degree from UTS (Australia). Dr Shakor has served as a supervisor engineer at International Airport, lecturer and researcher at University for more than 9 years. Currently, he is a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Technology Sydney. His research interest area includes: Sustainable Materials Additive Manufacturing of Cementitious and Composite Materials Automation in Construction Finite Element Analysis Photogrammetry and Surveying Structural Health Monitoring


University of Technology Sydney

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-Object Detection

-Additive Manufacturing





Selected Publications
Shakor, P., Renneberg, J., Nejadi, S. & Paul, G. 2017, ‘Optimisation of Different Concrete Mix Designs for 3D Printing by Utilizing Six Degrees of
Freedom Industrial Robot’, paper presented to the 34th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction, Taipei, Taiwan
Shakor, P.N. & Pimplikar, S. 2011, ‘Glass fibre reinforced concrete use in construction’, International Journal of Technology and Engineering System,
vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 632-4.
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scaffold used in 3D printing’, Construction and Building Materials, vol. 138, pp. 398-409.
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Materials in the Construction Industry’, Frontiers in Built Environment, vol. 4, no. 85.
Shakor, P., Nejadi, S., Sanjayan, J. & Nazari, A. 2019, ‘Mechanical properties of the cement-based materials and effect of elevated temperature on 3d
printing mortar specimens in inkjet 3d printing’, ACI Materials Journal, vol. 116, no.2, pp 55-67.
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‘, Manufacturing Letters, vol. 23, pp. 19-22.
Shakor, P., Nejadi, S. & Paul, G. & Sanjayan, J. 2020 ‘Dimensional accuracy, flowability, wettability, and porosity in inkjet 3DP for gypsum and
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Shakor, P., Nejadi, S., Sutjipto, S., Paul, G. & Gowripalan, N. 2020. ‘ Effects of Deposition Velocity in the Presence/Absence of E6-Glass Fibre on
Extrusion-based 3D Printed Mortar’, Additive Manufacturing, vol. 32, p.101069.
Shakor, P., Gowripalan, N., Rasouli, H.2021 ‘Experimental and numerical analysis for the 3D printed mortar specimens using powder-based 3DP
technique’, Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering Journal, vol. 21, issue 2, article 58.
Gowripalan, N., Shakor, P.* , Rocker P. 2021 ‘Pressure Exerted on Formwork by Self-Compacting Concrete at Early Ages:A Review’, Case Studies
in Construction Materials Journal, (submitted)
Shakor, P., Nejadi, S., Paul, G., Gowripalan, N. 2021 ‘Effects of Different Orientation Angle of Printing on the Mechanical Behaviour of the
Cementitious Powders and Influence of Size, Surface Roughness and Heat Curing on 3D Printed Mortar Specimens with Presence and Absence of
Glass Fibre in Powder-based 3DP’, Materials Today Communications Journal, (submitted)
Shakor, P., Gowripalan, N., Rocker, P. 2021 ‘Novel Approach to Measure Lateral Pressure Exertion of SCC Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors and
Pressure Transducers’, Mechanical systems and signal processing (submitted)
Rawaz Kurda, Pshtiwan Shakor, Peshkawt Dolamari, Ahmed Salih, Khalil Younis, Farhad Aslani 2020 ‘Towards a Sustainable Mix Design of
Concrete: Advanced Particle Packing Model by Developing and Combining Multiple Framworks’, Advances in Cement Research Journal (submitted)
Kandiri, A.*, Shakor, P.*, Kurda, R., Gowripalan, N. 2021 ‘Prediction of Concrete Exerted Lateral Pressure on Formwork using Modified Artificial
Neural Networks and Support Vector Regression’, Neurocomputing Journal (submitted)
Shakor, P.*, Chu, S.H., Panda, B. 2021 ‘ A Review on Binder Jetting (Inkjet) for 3D Printing Construction Materials: Materials, Printing, PostProcessing and Curing’, Sustainable materials and technologies (submitted)



Sydney NSW, Australia