Seminar 20: Virtual Dynamic, a New Topic in Electrical Engineering

Seminar 20: Virtual Dynamic,a New Topic in Electrical Engineering

Dr. Hassan Bevrani
University of Kurdistan (Sine)

Prof. Hassan Bevrani is the Head of Smart/Micro Grids Research Center (SMGRC) and a faculty member of the Electrical Engineering Dept at Kurdistan University, Iran. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Osaka University, Japan in 2004. Prof. Bevrani has written six books and published more than 300 journal and conference articles. He is a globally known and well-respected scientist with more than 8000 citations.  

His areas of expertise are :

• Smart/Micro grids control 


• Digital Electronics Systems 

• Power system monitoring and control 

• Feedback and Stabilizer Design in Electronics Systems 

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