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I am grateful to God for the good health and wellbeing that were necessary to complete this Research.
The work has been concerned with the computer-based examination system. The activity of scheduling and conducting large scale exams with a growing volume of paper scripts had been one challenge. Organizing exams, ensuring security and evaluating them afterward with credibility had been another challenge. The system was a software solution which allows Educational Institutions, Primary and Secondary Schools, Colleges, Professional and Vocational Institutes, Universities or Training Academies to arrange, conduct and manage examinations. This could’ve be done through the Internet, Intranet and/or Local Area Network environments (MeritTrac, 2019). The system was a Windows-based examination system for conducting exams and grading them afterward .
The system was implemented and designed in five languages; Kurdish in both accents (Kurdish Kurmanci Latini Alphabet and Kurdish Nawandi Fiqhhi Alphabet), English, Arabic, Persian, and Turkish.
Microsoft Visual Studio and C# programming language were used to develop the system because of their flexibility and English-Like Syntax. Microsoft SQL Server was used to manage the database.



Kurdistan Region, Iraq